April 4, 2019

Seasons change and so do we and our life. We grow together and apart, but life moves on.

There is a saying by Joel Osteen, “Remember that every season is not a growing season. Every season is not harvest. There are seasons of watering, seasons of planting, seasons of pulling up weeds, and fertilizing the ground. These are important seasons. There are times of testing when God is seeing what you are made of. Are you going to keep a good attitude when you’re not making progress? Are you going to do the right thing when you are not seeing growth? Have faith and patience.”

For the season of harvesting to come you need to go through all the other seasons of hardwork with patience. There are good times and there are bad times. Don’t stop yourself from growing just because you assumed no change is going to come to what situation you are in now. If you are happy now, sad times will come and if you are unhappy, happy times will come. Nothing is constant.

It might not be spring for you right now. But it can’t be spring all the time. Without leafs falling in autumn, new fresh leafs cannot come into life. When the winds of change blow, remember sometimes what appears dead is simply preparing for a new season.

Transformation is the period when we actually do not know whats coming up for us, good or bad. But we need to believe in the timing and allow ourselves to transform. Even the caterpillar does not know that its going to turn into a beautiful butterfly someday. It does not die thinking it will never change and will always be caged.

All we need to do is accept the change and keep moving. We need to keep moving to turn the cycle of seasons of our life. Being stuck at a place, in a moment is not going to help.

Water, too pure has no fish. So there will be ups and there will downs. Maybe more downs and less ups or maybe vice versa. But that up after several downs is worth the hardwork and patience.

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