How to make Vision Board in 5 easy steps

April 20, 2018





In this blog post we are going to talk about a fun activity called “Vision Board”. Vision board is something where you put down all your future goals, so that you are reminded about what you want to achieve in a year or more. This motivates you to keep going forward in your desired direction. So, let’s get into some action.

STEP 1 – Figure out your goals

Take a blank paper and write down whatever you wish to achieve this year or a particular date you have fixed. Make sure you write down everything, like “EVERYTHING”, every tiniest thing.

STEP 2 – Filter as per your priority

Now, when you are done with step 1, take a different colour pen and circle out things which are on top of your priority list. Don’t overestimate and take everything on board. Select things according to your time frame and the size of your goal. Take few big goals and few small ones. For example you want to get into a habit of drinking water daily, so this is a small goal. And you want to learn a language completely, that is a big goal. So judge wisely and choose. It’s better to select less and complete them rather taking all at once and failing to complete. This may end stressing you.

STEP 3 – Convert words into visuals

So you have got all your goals. The difficult part is over. Now comes the fun part. Find relevant pictures according to your goals. Because pictures speak to you and it’s easier to visualise. In my case I collected all my pictures from PINTEREST into a folder. You can do that whichever way you want to. You can collect images from magazines or you can even draw if you like to.

STEP 4 – Arrange the visuals

Once you are done with your image collection, arrange them onto a place in WHICHEVER WAY YOU WANT. It’s now as you wish task. Have fun, write on images, decorate them, keep them simple and plain. Arrange them in an order or put them randomly. Stick them and your board is ready.

I have listed some ideas for you:

  • Make it digitally. Use Photoshop or any other collage tool you are comfortable with.
  • Tear out pictures from old magazines or books (I personally don’t like tearing anything out of books, but if you are ok with it you can do it). Paste them. Remember your art and craft class in school!
  • You can print out pictures, cut them and paste them.
  • You can write down few goals, or doodle a bit.
  • In case of board you can take canvas boards of any size or chart papers, whichever size you want.

STEP 5 – Place your board somewhere easily visible daily

When you are done with your board, place it somewhere easily visible to you every day. Like if you work or study at home put it near your table or in your room. If you travel or stay out of town due to work or whatever reason you can put in your daily diary or save it as your desktop or laptop wallpaper (in case you have made it digitally).


I have made mine one in my daily journal. I will share it with you to give you an idea, how it can look like.




Now it’s your turn, have fun creating one. I think you can invest a little bit of time for this. I assure you it is really helpful. Make one and share it with me. You can mail it to me or post it in the comments below or post it on HappyRoute Facebook page. Otherwise you can just share your experience.


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