20 tricks to improve your MEMORY

December 1, 2018

Daily we need to deal with so many things, do this, do that, that good memory has become vital. Also we need to deal with different exams as students where we cannot avoid memorizing stuff. So, here I have found out and listed 20 tricks that can definitely help you to improve your memory.


1. Write things down. This is a good way to test your understanding of what learnt and help you remember it.


2. It is important to practice to improve memory. Keep going back over information that you learn.


3. Test yourself to help you settle down all the information you have learnt.


4. Put all your focus on to the thing you are learning.


5. Drink enough amount of water.


6. Make silly scentences out of the text or subject you want to memorize.


7. Teach it to someone else to kind of practice your learning.


8. Read more articles, journals, books etc. to broaden your understanding.


9. Try to remember texts little at a time and repeat it often. Take small steps but keep on taking.


10. Build a story around the context to get familiar to it and improve your memory.


11. Say things out loud while you are trying to memorize something. We remember things we hear more easily comparitively.


12. Enough and good sleep is important for giving your brain rest and remember things well.


13. Question yourself “why” to remeber it well.


14. Use acronyms to shorten scentences so that it can give you hints to remember the whole thing.


15. Exercise increases heart rate and sends oxygen to your brain which improves your memory.


16. Same goes for meditation. It decreases anxiety which too improves blood flow to your brain.


17. Play brain challenging games to give an exercise to your brain.


18. Choose good food rich in nutrients.


19. Keeping on learning something stimulates your brain and develop a resilience.


20. Avoid stress as too much stress can bring down the number of brain cells to the dentate gyrus where new memories are created as a result you forget things.


Hope, they will be useful. Share if you know any more of them.




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