About Me


I am Manami, an Indian Bengali girl currently located in Surat, Gujarat. By profession, I am a Fashion Designer. Due to my father’s job requirements, I have been moving across the country to different cities since childhood. This in result lead me to know different people and their cultures.

I can be classified as a shy and introvert person and I love spending me time. Knowing that I want to pursue something creative after school I got into a 4 year graduation course in Fashion Designing. After college I started my job in the year 2016 and this is my second year running in the field of regular 9 to 5 job.

Earlier in the beginning of this year, I discovered that something was missing in my life. And therefore I decided to create my own creative space in order to record my journey of self development along with the motto of inspiring similar souls who have somehow lost their source of happiness in the hustle of their daily mundane life.

Now that was my formal intro, here comes the informal one. I am a huge fan of Korean drama and their entire variety of entertainment programme. Drawing and reading books are on top of my hobby list (there are plenty). I love skincare and eating desserts. I dream of travelling to different countries in future.♥♥♥

This is a lifestyle blog mainly focusing on self-development.  Through HappyRoute, I will be sharing the lessons which I have learned so far in my life, inspirations, thoughts and fun activities I do. I term these fun activities as my “self-care kit”. This blog is for all those brave and beautiful souls out there who want to get inspired and lead a more meaningful and happy life.